Schlauch... The Recycled Tire Tube Belt

 - Apr 4, 2006
References: & schlauch-shop
Rainhardt Albrecht-Herz has taken the time to think of this amazing cycle we call life. perhaps as he was sitting on his own (bi)cycle? to be more specific, this is about the end of a life formerly known as a bicycle tire tube, and the beginning of a new life now known as a belt.

SCHLAUCH, (which means tube in german of course...) is the latest fashion hype in the design world of recycled material. the company, based in Stuttgart is creating 'hip' definitions of the way we see things and the way we wear things.

the website SCHLAUCH is still currently only available in german (although Rainhardt has promised, an english website is coming soon...), it's easy to navigate through the images by scrolling the screen to the right, or simply browsing through the shop. and of course, all emails in english are welcome...

so, now that we know that every end has it's beginning and every beginning has it's end...

that makes us wonder why we're always stuck in the middle?