Sashiko Yuen Captures the Sense of Teenage Emotional Turmoil

Blending together elements of anime and retro American cartoons, Sashiko Yuen's illustrations take the teenage female form as its subject. Exploring elements such as loneliness, shame, discomfort and exclusion, Shashiko Yuen (aka Wishcandy) uses a combination of surrealistic elements paired with authentic, lifelike representations.

A particularly evocative portrait centers around a young, blue-haired teenage girl holding an over-sized Easter egg. The audience immediately recognizes the look of despair but as the attention shifts from the facial expression to the "x-shaped" eyes to the tattoos of scissors across her body, the notion of self-criticism becomes progressively more articulated.

Teenage years are a turbulent time for many young individuals, feeling the need to appease a crowd at the expense of one's own personal identity. Shashiko Yuen captures that sense of disappearing innocence in this collection of illustrations.