Sara Pinto Creates Clever Fairy Tale Ads for the Yellow Pages

 - Sep 21, 2013
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Sara Pinto has created a clever advertising campaign for Yellow Pages that highlights the practical features of the phone books. By using iconic myths and fairy tales, Pinto is able to create ads that are relevant and humorous to the public.

The ads feature a knight, a werewolf and Snow White where a large picture is presented to capture the viewer's attention. The caption at the bottom of each ad reads: "Everything you need is on the same list. Fortunately, separated." The ad is trying to show that you can find everything you need easily in the phone books because there is a cluster list, yet there are separate pages as well.

In order to show how this method of organization is useful, Snow White is shown with the witch where apples, princesses and witches are seen together but are listed on separate pages. Thus, making the claim that everything that needs to be kept separate is. Sara Pinto ultimately creates clever ads that appeal to a wide audience.