Bridgehampton's Sandcastle Estate is a Pricey Getaway

 - Apr 21, 2010
Many families rent out vacation homes in the summer but if you want to live in the lap of luxury at Sandcastle Estate in Bridgehampton, New York, it will cost you. To rent Sandcastle Estate, an 11.5 acre piece of property with a 31,000 square foot mansion, it will set you back $35,000 per day-about the same as a down payment on a regular home-or $500,000 for two weeks.

Why would some filthy rich family pay that much to stay at Sandcastle Estate when they could buy a nice house for the same price? Well, Sandcastle Estate features a two-lane bowling alley, rock-climbing wall, skateboard half-pipe, in-house disco, tennis court, a theater, an entertainment center for the kids, a spa facility and a heated pool with an underwater stereo system.