The Samsung Home Theater System Moves With You Around the Room

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Electronics throw a great deal of people off, constantly giving the phrase "technologically challenged" added truth. The Samsung Home Theater System has been designed with the intention to be much more user-friendly than most entertainment units so that every member of the household can operate it comfortably without a crash course.

Naturally simplicity was the focus throughout Allen Liu's development process, making it so that the remote control has few but straightforward buttons, cord connections are clear, slack wire is minimized and each piece of the set has a distinguishable function.

That being said, the entire collection of Samsung Home Theater System gadgets has been aesthetically executed with a sharp clarity through the uniformity of hue and form. The DVD/Bluray player, the subwoofer and the speakers complement each other from across the room and can be conveniently carried about the space with excess cables wound around them.