The Sam Sugimoto Stomach Life Clip Debunks Mealtime Decorum

 - May 29, 2012
References: thechaya & nylonguysmagazine.tumblr
The Stomach Life sushi etiquette video offers the critical insight of CHAYA chef Sam Sugimoto. The consumption of white rice and seaweed mixtures has become relatively instantaneous, evinced by the spread of fast food Asian shops. Quick sushi fixes have often come at the expense of mealtime decorum, compromising the very foundations that lie behind the traditional dishes.

Sugimoto is one of the chain's most highly respected employees, and his knowledge of the industry is readily apparent in the clip. Sugimato maintains the importance of washing one's hand with a moist toilette before doing anything, especially before touching one's chopsticks.

The short film short also translates the Japanese terms that are most relevant to sushi restaurants, such as sushi chef, soy sauce and thank you.