Sakuramadelica by Takeshi Suga is a Dreamy World of Wonders

 - May 30, 2012
References: sugarcrisp.viewbook & itsnicethat
Sakuramadelica by Takeshi Suga is a creative photography collection attempting to capture the essence of life.

Sakuramadelica is an ongoing photography project by Sugam who aims to reveal soul through his work. These woozy luminous photographs are mostly of Sakuras, beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms, that fill the image with a feel of bliss.

The images are saturated shots of spring settings where the line between clarity and coloration is blurred. Since Sakura trees bloom only once a year, their incorporation into art is an age-old practice. Sakuras have been used in many art forms, but Suga twists it to make his photographs stand out. Suga plays with in-camera color effects and exposure to create a drastic haze effect that makes viewers feel like they're in a psychedelic haze.