Russell Taysom Adds an Edge into Satirical Drawings

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: russelltaysom & juxtapoz
Cartoons are usually portrayed as fun, child-like depictions, however Russell Taysom takes a completely different spin on his drawings and makes them his own. Using common figures such as a vulture or Hulk Hogan, Taysom takes an interesting approach to his work.

Instead of using these things in normal situations, he does a play on the character's actions, making them comical. As an example, in the Hulk Hogan illustration, Hogan is replicating his famous shirt rip, except he is ripping off his own skin instead of his shirt. Even though these drawings have a comical edge to them, the technical skill behind Taysom cannot be questioned, which adds validity to his work. Russell Taysom is not afraid to go against the grain, and that is why his work stands out among the rest.