The Rus Khasanov Micro Type Font Warps the Alphabet

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: & thisiscolossal
The alphabet is everywhere we look, dominating signs, advertisements and books. Some artists aim to make the alphabet more visually vibrant, and this font by Rus Khasanov is a perfect example.

Font fanatic Rus Khasanov has designed this unique typography called the Micro Type, a series that is both creative and mesmerizing. This type is full of letters that look lunar, with fluorescent colors and twisting designs. Khasanov achieved the warped shapes of the letters by pouring wet ink onto wet paper. The colors bled onto the paper, creating letters with no jagged or straight edges.

This font is fabulous for greeting cards or advertisements that need some galactic gusto. The Rus Khasanov Micro Type font is at the "final font-ier" of typography.

Implications - With society so saturated with an abundance of advertisements, it's essential that companies continue to develop unique designs. Consumers have become desensitized to traditional imagery, and now require graphics with unusual or shocking elements. Companies can incorporate these qualities into their marketing campaigns to hold the interest of their target markets.