This App Helps Rural Farmers Make Informed Decisions

 - Sep 17, 2015
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'AgriApp' is a clever new program that is designed to help rural farmers better adapt to modern technology. According to a recent government study, India's rural populations has far higher rates of illiteracy than that of urban areas. For those who work in the agriculture industry, the inability to read and write makes it difficult to adapt to modern technology and changing farm practices.

Dr. Vijayaragavan Wishwanathan has been on a mission to combat illiteracy in farm communities with a handy mobile app called AgriApp. AgriApp works in conjunction with a device called SmartAgri, which can be used with any mobile phone. The device can be placed under the soil to help farmers measure moisture content, minerals and pH levels. The information is then sent to the app and displayed as color-coded data. The simple interface means that illiterate farms can decipher the information and make informed decisions about their crops.

The app ensures that rural farmers are able to make targeted decisions regardless of their literacy level.