These Ruadh DeLone Stills Introduce Contemporary Objects into the Mix

 - Mar 3, 2011
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The Ruadh DeLone Stills photo series cleverly takes the traditional still life technique and introduces modern day objects into each scene. This juxtaposition is as captivating as it is jarring. DeLone does an amazing job of smoothly adding in each relatively foreign object within each shot.

Featuring computer peripherals and cigarette sticks, the Ruadh DeLone Stills photo series definitely offers a unique take on still life. Overall, however, I really like the vintage, almost paint-like post-productive feel over the entire collection.

Always breaking the mold when it comes to creative captures, this Netherland-based photographer seems to step outside of his comfort zone (at least a tad) with the Ruadh DeLone Stills photo series. Considering that his usual cup of tea are people portraits, this is a good example of him challenging himself.