This Imperfectly Round Mirror Has Hidden Day-Glow Edging Around the Rim

This round mirror is not just your average reflective piece of decor.

The imperfectly circularity of the mirror makes it fascinating at first glance. It looks like it's been doodled onto the wall, creating a roughly drawn portal into a parallel world. Walking around the mirror reveals another intriguing design element: the edge of the mirror is tinted in a bright, neon shade that casts a ring of color onto the wall behind it. The round mirror is available in neon pink, bright blue, highlighter yellow, day-glow green and vibrant red.

This round mirror is the work of Brooklyn-based design studio Mc & Co. Mc & Co was once a brick-and-mortar store in Williamsburg, but has since become an online retailer exclusively selling the studio's two most popular products: these imperfectly round mirrors and an artisanal cedar bed frame.