The Silverfish Aquarium from Octopus Studios

 - Feb 3, 2008   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: octopusstudios
There is a more pristine and acceptable way to get tanked. Install the Silverfish Aquarium set up from Octopus Studios. Having fish around adds calmness and serenity while adding glorious natural colors and movement. This walk-around set up with let you enjoy your hobby from any angle in all kinds of light.

Implications - The tank takes on an unconventional shape compared to the usual fish bowls and rectangular abodes that most people place their aquatic pets in. Think of it like a crazy contraption from a mad scientists lab, only instead of bubbling chemicals, it's fish and water.

It's a wild design and it truly reflects the Silverfish Aquarium's philosophy of creative freedom without restraint.