These Rory McCartney Paintings are Brightly-Hued

 - Jan 8, 2012
References: rorymccartney & butdoesitfloat
These vibrant and eclectic Rory McCartney paintings combine playful concepts with bold color. The artist is fearless with his use of bright and eye-catching hues. His electrifying work always makes a statement, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

These technicolor paintings are made with a combination of mixed media on canvas. The artist uses a multitude of varying materials including oil, resin and acrylic paint. His experimental and organically flowing approach leads to an unexpected and awe-inspiring result that challenges traditional painting practices. McCarney’s work is vibrant, making him one to watch.

His work is a seamless combination of monochromatic backdrops with pops of bright colors along with bright bases with gray scale graphics. These pieces illuminate any space with their striking presence and each hold their own as individual pieces while working together as a joined collection.