From Regal Senior Editorials to Couture-Clad Calendars

 - Dec 28, 2012
These Andreas Larsson photoshoots offer an in-depth review of the Swedish expert's work. His knack for fashion photography has brought about his partnerships with Acne Paper, 10 Magazine, Fantastic Man, GQ Style and Ponystep, hardly missing a beat throughout.

Regal senior editorials and couture-clad calendars have been executed by Larsson. Whether working commercially with H&M, Uniqlo, J. Lineberg or Lanvin, he has maintained his specific ability to relay the details of fabric, shape and texture by way of pictures. His photography studies at the London College of Printing are in part responsible for his vision that is at once romantic, taboo and remarkably modern, making his partnerships with the high end likes of COS and Selfridges appear to be almost expected.