This Roofie-Detecting Straw Could Effectively End Date Rapes

 - Aug 10, 2011
References: news.cnet & gizmodo
After months of research at Tel Aviv University's school of chemistry, Doctor Michael Ioffe and Professor Fernando Patolsky managed to develop a roofie-detecting straw -- simply drop it into your drink and wait to see if the stirrer illuminates.

After a sudden spree of Rohypnol-enabled assaults in the early '90s, American journalists declared that the country was under the spell of a date rape epidemic. Well, if the incidence of "acquaintance rape" hasn't already fallen, it's sure to plummet thanks to the hard work of two Israeli chemists who successfully designed a roofie-detecting straw. Discrete, yet effective, the straw is dipped into an alcoholic beverage, at which point it will light up if the active drug is detected. No lights mean you can safely enjoy your drink!

Although the straw is approximately a year away from commercial viability, it's 100% accurate and has delivered zero false-positives. However, once testing is complete, I would expect every bar to embrace this life-saving tech.