Rolling Static-Cleaner Gets Dust More Effectively Than Your Hoover

 - Nov 13, 2013
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Just imagine being able to efficiently carry out your domestic dusting and vacuuming with one simple appliance! The Rolling Static-Cleaner is a time- and labor-saving concept that comes with more attractive features still.

Deemed one of the "Best of the Best" inventions within the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards competition, this device is remarkably compact and incredibly silent. Yoon Jisu, Lee Hyelynn, Seok Juwon and Sin Junho developed a slender staff with a trumpet-like tip that holds an electrostatic ball. Basically, you run this cane-esque contraption across the floor -- or almost any surface within your home -- and dust, fur and dirt will be attracted to it, even from several centimeters away. There's no noise associated with the operation of the Rolling Static-Cleaner, and no fussy process of emptying it of the pesky particles collected.