This Rollable Clock Can Tell You Various Time Zones as It Rotates

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: masafumiishikawa
This rollable clock features an ingenious design that allows it to iterate various time zones, without the use of technology.

Conceived by Japanese product designer Masafumi Ishikawa, this clock was crafted with the global citizen in mind. It features a delicate circular facade with a perimeter lined with 12 flat edges and one hand. Each flat space is labeled with a different city. Users are invited to rotate the clock to one of its 12 connected locations, prompting the hand to automatically position itself on the correct time.

This clock helps analog technology compete in a digital age by providing an informative and clever design with a purpose that extends past simply telling the time. This whimsical rollable clock connects users to various time zones, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and uncomplicated.