'Roll It' Uses Only Your Phone and Computer to Simulate Skeeball

 - May 30, 2013
References: chrome & fastcocreate
Using both your smartphone and your computer, a Chrome experiment called 'Roll It' recreates the classic game of skeeball. The retro game gives you a Nintendo Wii-like experience with just your phone, the internet and your computer. Without any extra software, the game works just by using the Google Chrome browser.

If you feel like playing alone isn't your thing, you can invite up to two of your friends to come play with you. No matter how many players you have, only one phone is required for the game to work.

Using your phone like a controller, you can flick it in the direction of your screen in order to simulate a ball being thrown. The ball then appears on the computer where it goes up a ramp towards the point-awarding cavities.