College Humor Imagines the Odd Friendship Between 'Rodman and Un'

 - May 2, 2014
References: youtube
In 'Rodman and Un,' College Humor imagines what the strange companionship between a former American basketball player and a South Korean dictator might be like if the unlikely friends starred on every TV show possible.

In this College Humor spoof, Rod-MAN & UN take over popular television sitcoms, vampire shows and legal dramas through the ups and downs in their friendship. In the animation, Rodman takes care of most of the action and constantly throws himself at the feet of the unresponsive Kim Jong Un, who only seems to perk up when there are women around.

At the end, the entire mock saga of adventures between Rodman and Un is presented as being available on Betamax and with its purchase, as a bonus, customers would receive a reel of a false friend being tortured for even more entertainment.