This New Rocky Mountain Tiny House Features a Massive Curved Roof

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: rockymountaintinyhouses & gizmag
We've all come across a wide variety of tiny houses with spectacularly fancy names, which is exactly why the 16 Foot Curved Roof Tiny House comes off as a breath of fresh air. Developed by Boulder, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, this particular project unsurprisingly comprises a tiny house that is equipped with a curved roof measuring 16 feet across.

The tiny house comes equipped with a compact sofa bed that can be altered to act as living room furniture or function as a sleeping area. The home is also fitted with a handy kitchenette in addition to a refrigerator, pantry and cooktop.

However, the standout feature of this tiny house is its roof. The curved shape allows for a generous degree of headroom that makes the house appear larger than it is, a key feature for a new tiny house.