The RoboTar Attaches to Guitar Necks and Can Hold Down Chords and Notes

 - Jun 7, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The RoboTar is a robotic guitar hand that attaches to guitar necks and can carry out fret work. This could be helpful as a teaching tool for novice guitar players, can help players play with just one hand and can open up avenues of experimentation for more experienced players.

The RoboTar is contained within a plastic compartment that is fastened on the guitar neck. The system connects to software that runs on an accompanying app either on an Android device or on a PC via Bluetooth. The Robotar can be programmed to play standard chords as well as any obscure chords you come up with, including chords that would be physically impossible for humans to play.

The RoboTar can be controlled while playing by pressing a foot pedal, prompting the system to move to the next chord in its pre-programmed sequence.