OmniZero.4 Jumps Rope, Cracks Eggs and Somersaults

 - Mar 29, 2007
References: robots-dreams & engadget
Check out this robot created by Takeshi Maeda called OmniZero.4. It can climb a ladder, execute a somersault, jump some rope and crack a pair of eggs. Takeshi Maeda took the top prize at a recent ROBO-ONE 11 event. Obviously, it doesn't truly take a whole lot to entertain the judges. Just take a look at the video to see the performance of OmniZero.4 during the ROBO-ONE 11 demonstration phase competitions.

Implications - XX

After all, the idea that a piece of technology can do everything from jumping rope, to cracking eggs and even somersaults truly does impress me. I cannot wait to see more robots like OmniZero.4 created by Takeshi Maeda emerging in the very near future. We'd all better watch out because robots like these could very well take over the world one day!