Antonio Scarponi and Roberto de Luca's Hotello Makes Warehouses Livable

 - Mar 27, 2013
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If you've ever wondered what working in a post-apocalyptic office would be like, look no further because designer Antonio Scarponi and visual artist Roberto de Luca's pop up work space called the Hotello is probably the most realistic glimpse of white collar work after the end of the world that we've got.

Surrounded by hospital curtains and illuminated by a somber lamp light, Scarponi and de Luca's Hotello is a four square meter unit that looks militaristic in many senses, something its designers intended.

Anthony Scarponi explains that rapid industrialization in the 20th Century has left us with many empty warehouses and loft spaces and the Hotello is a contemporary work space made to make these vast living and working spaces habitable again.