Robert Brandenburg's Changes Will Make You Giggle

In his artwork, Artist Robert Brandenburg edits classic paintings to add a little more hilarity and flavor to them. While the original artists may not necessarily agree with his edits, they probably did let out a chuckle.

His artwork often features characters from pop culture, including Winnie the Pooh as he is chased down by a hungry lion who is ready to tear him limb from limb . A painting of a table with some fruit and cigars on it has now turned into a Toy Story smoking session as Woody kicks back with zoned-out look on his face.

Robert Brandenburg's revamped artwork takes pictures that were worth a 1000 words and turns them into pictures that are worth 1000 words and some good giggles as well. Perhaps the best part of his work though is how he combines such unrelated subjects to make one unforgettable series.