The RISE SCONCE is Inspired by the Sunset

 - May 24, 2017
References: hollismorris & design-milk
Especially during the spring and summer, not many people get up early enough to see the sunrise, so RISE SCONCE offers an imitation of that natural effect. Designed by American studio hollis+morris, RISE SCONCE is a collection of wall-mounted sconces made of wood and metal that reflect a soft aura of light inspired by the sunrise.

There are two sconces in the collection. One is made with a brushed copper backing, and the other has a light yellow brass backing. Both of these metal surfaces are glossy and reflective, ensuring that the light from the sconces is reflected gently into the room. In both models, the light itself is covered by a circular piece of wood, which gives the sconces the effect of light peaking out from behind the horizon.