The Ring Desk Integrates an Illuminator That Extends From One of the Legs

 - Jan 30, 2014
The designer of the Ring Desk recognizes the importance of having a light source close to one's work surface, so this quirky concept escritoire was created with a built-in desk lamp. The beautiful ash wood tabletop is supported by four anodised aluminum legs. One of these penetrates the panel and continues to project upwards to provide an elevated lamp.

While a mere description might make the piece of furniture sound complicated, Codalagni's design is remarkably minimalist. The metal parts are clean and straight and the rectangular tabletop is sanded and smooth. The line of the one post extends linearly and it's capped with a basic lumber lampshade. Without cluttering the Ring Desk, the designer added a tiny slot of a drawer to hold a few pencils and sheets of paper.