Green Fashion Label Vagadu Stirs up the Classics

 - Oct 15, 2010   Updated: Jul 14 2011
San Francisco-based fashion label Vagadu gives eco-friendly a whole new meaning. Vagadu's collections are made of reclaimed garments that are reinvented into couture-inspired apparel. Check out these Vagadu's ready-to-wear blazer vests that have been made from scrap materials.

These tasteful blazers have been reconstructed into three-dimensional sculptures by gathering the fabric in imaginative and unpredictable ways. The raw aesthetic is matched with exquisite details and a commitment to originality.

Implications - As North Americans continue to progress to a more greener mode of living, many consumers will factor in eco-friendliness of a product when making purchase decisions. As such, companies should incorporate green initiatives into their products to further entice consumers.