The Camou Chair is Inspired by the Shape of a Horseback Riding Saddle

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: christiansjostrom & yankodesign
The modern look of the Camou chair can be credited to the curved shape of a traditional riding saddle. The innovative design structure of this seat allows the chair to be flexible and accommodate a wide variety of sitting styles.

Designer Christian Sjostorm modeled the Camou after the arched shape of a horseback riding saddle. The chair is made from a black mesh material and comes with a low and flexible back. This allows users to sit in the chair in a multitude of ways depending on their preferred position. Users can sit upright with their legs in front, put either leg off to the side as if they're sitting on a saddle or even sit in this chair backwards. The flexibility of the Camou chair offers users the chance to customize their sitting experience.