The Richard Howie School Installation is a Whirlpool of Creatures

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
The Richard Howie School sculpture illustrates how rich and phenomenal oceanic patterns and forms can be. Located in Currumbin beach, Australia, this piece is a true representation of the power of the sea, and its creatures within.

According to Howie, "There is something wonderful in the shining, flashing, darting patterns formed by a school of fish," which is the reason why this magnificent piece consists of a school of silver fish that appear to be swimming in the middle of the open air. The blue sky and open sea adds an incredible artistic power to the installation. For educational purposes, Richard Howie School teaches kids about the movements of fish, and how marine species travel in the sea. In addition, by being eco-inspired, this art project centers the public's attention to the richness and importance of oceanic fauna.

The Richard Howie School sculpture was presented in the 9th annual Swell Sculpture Festival in Australia.