Eric Burnett's RGB Digital Art Pulsates with More Than 16 Million Colors

 - Sep 21, 2013
References: mentalbreeze & huffingtonpost
Eric Burnett and have created a stunning set of digital photos that use all 16,777,216 colors that a computer can display. RGB (Red/Green/Blue) are three colors that when combined with light, can make up to 16 million different color variants. Each pixel in these amazing visual series is one of these colors. You might think that this would be an overwhelming amount of color for the human eye to absorb – however, the colors all blend together beautifully, creating a vibrant and eye-catching photo.

Digital art is a quickly rising art medium and the RGB system at challenges artists like Burnett to utilize an astonishing amount of color pigment in a small space. The result is a picture you just can’t miss as it boldly radiates from the page.