These Super Mario Beverages Will Get You Up and On Your Toes

 - Jul 10, 2013
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These retro gamer energy drinks will give you the power to conquer the gaming world. These energy drinks have been inspired by the retro gamer classic 'Super Mario Bros.' Video games have come a very long way since the debut of this retro gamer pop culture classic, but there are still many old school fans who love to play old games like Super Mario.

The 'Nintendo Power Up' drinks give a sense of nostalgic quality with a super powered energy boost. Each retro gamer can of 'Super Mario Bros Power Up Energy Drink' contains 8.4 ounces of heavily caffeinated blue-raspberry flavored energy drink -- more than enough to get you going for those gaming marathons.

These retro gamer energy drinks make the perfect gift for the geeky gaming enthusiast on any occasion.