Ris and Selldorf Sunball

 - Mar 13, 2008
References: bornrich.org
This is the very retro Sunball lounge chair, circa 1969.

The spherical lounge chair was designed by Ris and Selldorf against the backdrop of a counterculture movement that gave us Woodstock, the Vietnam war and the concomitant massive protests of the anti-war movement, women's liberation and sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Bornrich creates a rather amusing scenario around the Sunball that envisions hippies cavorting and getting stoned out of their skull while plopped on the chair. Maybe so, but the Sunball looks extremely comfortable to me, even though canary yellow is not the color I would have chosen.

The chair is made out of lacquered fiberglass, reinforced polyester, ABS plastic, aluminum and fabric and it is priced at $60,000.