The Retro Flashlight Has a Streamlined Silhouette to Suit Your Needs

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: janezmesaric & tuvie
There is an undoubted need for torches in the home: for use while exploring the attic or the dark depths of one's basement; or in instances of power outages. The Retro Flashlight has hence shed the bulky shock-absorbing skin, the grippy handle and the colorful accents in favor of a sleek design that suits the contemporary interior. It comes in black or silver with a slight shine and a slender shape with a subtle flare.

This handheld lamp blends in with the cutting-edge electronics that are scattered throughout your living spaces, so it would not look out of place if you left one on this table or that. Janez Mesaric's concept even proposes three different sizes for the Retro Flashlight so that you can keep a tiny one on your keychain and, for instance, the medium size for sorting through wires behind your computer.