The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service Lets Devices Order Supplies

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: amazon
The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service is a high-tech service that allows your connected devices to automatically order refills and replenishments directly from Amazon.

For example, the service can be used in conjunction with your Brita water jug to order more filters. Indeed device manufacturers can even make use of Amazon's authentication and payment systems, customer service offerings and fulfillment network. Amazon Dash Replenishment can either by used through the use of a physical button installed on devices or through the measurement of supply consumption.This allows device manufacturers a healthy degree of versatility to build in the replenishment service with their device in the best possible way.

Ultimately, the winner here is the customer as they can rest assured that their devices will always be stocked with necessary supplies thanks to the wonders of modern connected technology.