Rent A Sex Doll In Japan

 - Jan 10, 2007
References: & eltiempo
Realistic silicon dolls are almost everywhere. Perhaps even in your closest sex shop. However, in southern Tokyo you can find these dolls are not for sale but for RENT!

Doll No Mori (Forest of Dolls) offers a 2,000 yen membership that lets you "use" your favorite doll for a certain amount of time (70 minutes to 24 hrs) with prices from 13,000 to 45,000 yen.
Transportation is charged extra.

The company's website describes, "Nearly all our customers choose our two-hour option. There're plenty of things you can do with the dolls, like take photos of them. Some customers also prefer the six hours a week option," Kimura says. "It's probably cheaper for most of our customers to go out and buy their own dolls, but when you think of problems like storage and maintenance, then renting them is probably better." Doll no Mori's four dolls are called Alice, Ai, Mayu and Tina, with the doe-eyed mangaesque Alice who closely resembles a little child by far the most popular of its love doll call girls."