This Relaxation App Was Designed Using EEG to Lull Users into a Calm State

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: & fastcodesign
'Pause' is a relaxation app that is designed to be a type of Tai Chi for the brain -- calming users' thoughts, emotions and general states. Just as Tai Chi is based on slow, fluid movements, so too is this app's game-like design. Upon starting, the relaxation app directs users to drag their thumb, not too fast and not too slow, across the screen to keep an ink-like orb in continuous motion.

Using EEG technology, the designers were able to discover that using Pause actually uses less mental energy than sitting and closing your eyes, when thoughts are more likely to wander.

While it may seem odd to use technology to distract you from the stress it often causes, 'Pause' is designed as an alternative to using Facebook or Candy Crush to unwind. With other meditative apps like Muse and Headspace gaining popularity, there is a clear market in stress-reducing technology.