The Relax ALLY Travel Restband Encourages Better Sleep and Posture

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: indiegogo & ohgizmo
The Relax ALLY Travel Restband blow neck pillows and adjustable seat headrests out of the water. While the latter two are better than nothing, this strappy solution appears to fix the problem completely. Instead, of perpetually succumbing to drooping heads and sore necks, it holds up the heavy load by fastening it securely to the user's chair.

A Finland start-up, the Relax ALLY Travel Restband allows muscles to relax into an ergonomic position, ensuring decent sleep and limited amounts of soreness upon waking. Easy to use, it is made up of two straps. The larger one wraps around the top of the chair while the smaller one is placed over the wearer's head.

The Relax ALLY Travel Restband can be used in various travelling situations including buses, planes, cars and even backpacks.