This Refreshing Coconut Drink is Infused with Botanical Herbs and Spices

 - Aug 5, 2015
References: drinkcocomojo & trndmonitor
UK-based company 'CocoMojo' has just released a refreshing coconut drink that contains a tasty mix of fruits, spices and botanical herbs. Unlike other coconut water beverages, the new 'CocoSoul' drinks also contain a hint of delicious coconut milk. The unique combination results in a drink that is both silky smooth and unbelievably refreshing.

The CocoSoul drinks are made from a mixture of coconut water and coconut milk, which provides a natural source of electrolytes. The drinks are also high in vitamin C and B3. These nutritious ingredients not only help keep you hydrated, but they also help to maintain proper muscle function and restore any minerals lost during physical activity.

Enhanced with the taste of botanical herbs and spices, this refreshing coconut drink is a tasty way to re-hydrate.