This Reflective Umbrella Lights Up at Night for Stylish Safety

 - Jul 3, 2013
This reflective umbrella not only looks cool, but will help to keep you safe if you're walking through night time rainfall. Made from a light catching material, this reflective umbrella catches the light from nearby street lamps and other light sources to alert drivers of where you are.

While umbrellas are a helpful accessory to carry around, during the nighttime it can be hard for cars to see someone that is hidden behind a big, black umbrella. This reflective umbrella eliminates this issue entirely with the use of a light-catching material design. When there is hardly any natural light out, the shiny material used in the umbrella picks up the light from things like street lamps and car and glows. Much like a bike glow strip, these umbrellas stylishly provide safety and shelter from the rain.