Red Digital Cinema

 - Sep 2, 2007
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Red Digital Cinema has released its first 25 Red One HD camcorders. Jim Jannard, the founder of Oakley, started the company which produces the digital video cameras that boast 11.4 megapixels at up to 60fps. Based around what the company calls the "Mysterium CMOS" (likely by Kodak, Sony or other big sensor maker), the cameras maintain a mystery component. We assume someone will pull the lens off one of these soon enough, blogging about it quickly after to solve the mystery for us all. The camera also features an optional "Red Cage", designed, presumably, to protect it from hordes of digicam junkies eager to check it out. They have a big red, HAL-like light on the front, likely because Jannard & co. think it looks slick (and it does look a lot better than most of Oakley's traditional gear). A mere $17,000 will score you one of these.