Yoga Bags Made From Recycled Rice and Feed Bags

 - Apr 24, 2007
References: uncommongoods
As if you don't feel good enough after a yoga classâ€"now has made is possible for you to feel even more amazing. Not only will your body feel rejuvenated and balanced after your next stretching session, but your soul will be uplifted to.

The company teamed up to help disadvantaged workers in Cambodia who manufactured the vibrant and sturdy yoga bags from recycled rice and feed bags from Southeast Asia.

The unique and distinctive bag can be yours for only $35. With no two bags alike, the hand-made goods are sure to provide you with good vibes as you remember that proceeds from the yoga tote sales go directly to the needy tote manufacturers.

The revamped old goods will leave you stylish, eco-friendly and leave you knowing you helped those less fortunate. Inner peace is only a click away.