7 Modern Day Stonehenge Replicas

 - Oct 16, 2008
References: en.wikipedia.org
Stonehenge has been recreated in at least 7 different places. Basically, the fame of the prehistoric monument is inspiring numerous recreations.

1) Banksy's ‘Stonehenge’ Glastonbury installation was called ‘A pile of crap’ but I love it. It was made from disposable toilets.

2) Carhenge is constructed of vintage American automobiles, all covered with gray spray paint. It was built by Jim Reinders in June 1987. In 2006, a visitors’ center was constructed to service the site... so it lives on.

3) Legohenges were part of a competition run by National Geographic.

4) Hengevertising was a recreation for marketing. The image doesn't do the recreation justice, but I think it would have worked well on camera.

5) Cakehenge is deliciously brilliant

6) Tattohenge is a design I like, but now something I would have considered as a tattoo.

7) Cheesehenge is just one of many food examples where the monument has been cheesily recreated!