I/O Architects Create a Dualistic House in Stara Zagora

 - Feb 1, 2018
References: ioarchitects & archdaily
The reconstructed slavic house in Bulgaria harbors dualism with regard to material and origin. Select architectural components date back to 1020 with a "romantic ruin, surrounded by authentic and new-built fragments of ancient Augusta Traiana." I/O Architects further hybridized the essence of the house in the process of reconstruction by implementing building materials such as wood, concrete and brick. The ruin walls are preserved within the bathroom and the hallway and clash with the modern designs of the furniture.

While the exterior of the house has preserved authentic historic appeal, the interior has been shaped by I/O Architects to fit the demands of the modernized world with futuristic spiral staircase and modern simplicity. The newly reconstructed Slavic house has grown to be a contemporary jewel of the city of Stara Zagora.

Photo Credits: Assen Emilov