Real Tweet Stickers by Phlange Glorieux Take Twitter Offline

 - May 8, 2011
References: realtweet.tumblr & curatedmag
Over the last five years, Twitter has allowed us to keep all of our friends, family and followers up to date on our every thought, opinion and day-to-day activity. The Real Tweet Sticker Project by Patrick Glorieux is a fun, off-screen twist to the social networking method that has taken the world by storm.

Although the practicality of the project is rather limited, as the stickers can be used only once, the fun to be had with the Real Tweet stickers is infinite. As the Real Tweet video demonstrates, people can tweet via sticker in their home, at their office and even on the bustling streets of a city.

While artists such as Ted Mikulski have taken the world of tweeting off-screen for artistic purposes, the Real Tweet project is distinct in that the content and location of a tweet is entirely up to up to you.