Real Meat Packaging Asserts that Wieners are Bona Fide Animal Products

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
A suckling pig certainly resembles its living and breathing source much more so than a hotdog does, so Real Meat packaging aims to remind many reluctant Russian consumers that these processed protein-rich foods are in fact authentic animal products.

Designer Alexandra Istratova strove to express the iconic tubular form of the pork and beef edibles, rather than mask it. The approach to wrapping it up is actually a surprisingly minimal and dissociated one, involving the simple addition of a branded belt label and a strung up branch-like tag that provides additional information about the food.

Connected to the ends of the sausage by twine, the paper stick of Real Meat packaging acts as a spit or a natural makeshift rotisserie skewer, referencing whole game that might be cooking over a fire.