ProTools Ratcheting Hex Wrench Grips Simplicity

 - May 30, 2009
References: ratchetinghexwrench & thinkgeek
What was that, Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor? I can tighten or loosen my hex bolts without the constant fear of blisters or tired arms?

Yes, thanks to ProTool Manufacturing, simple hex bolt jobs are now a difficulty of the past.

The Ratcheting Hex Wrench is a simple but efficient tool that really makes those tight space wrench jobs easier and faster.

The wrench comes with a comfortable grip that is hinged to the entire set of metric or standard-sized hex wrenches.

For all you left-handed people (like me and the other 11 people on this planet) you can switch the direction of the wrench with the flick of a switch.

Being a handy man just got more handy.