Trend Hunter's Senior Editor Armida Ascano Discusses Rappers in Ads

 - May 23, 2014
Celebrity endorsement in advertising is hardly a new concept, but using rappers in ads is just one way brands are trying to spice things up. Trend Hunter's Research Expert and Senior Editor Armida Ascano talks about the exciting advertising strategy she dubs 'rappertizing.' From rapper couture ads to Rocawear batteries and celeb style campaigns, this idea is off the charts.

Whether it's a collaboration between a rapper and a high end designer, like Azalea Banks and Alexander Wang, or more commonplace products such as Duracel batteries and breakfast cereals, there is a wide spectrum of what rappers in ads could look like. GQ Magazine expands on this with their recent style guide, where they suggest if you aren't that rapper, just don't. Biggie's daughter T'yanna Wallace also launched her own fashion line 'Notoriouss' commemorating her father.