San Diego's Rancho Bernardo Inn Offers a Killer Alternative to Camping

The Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego is a hotel spot noted for its $200+/night suites, lavish pools and lush golf course--not for $19 rooms. But that's exactly what Rancho Bernardo Inn is offering as a recession special--and what I'm calling the embodiment of glamping.

From August 16 to 31, guests who enroll in the Survivor Package are charged progressively less for each amenity they relinquish. The bare bones price is $19, which omits breakfast, lights, sheets, air conditioning, and the bed (which includes mattress and headboard). In place of the bed, staff will put a small tent inside the room.

While you may not be able to stargaze or escape the city with Rancho Bernardo Inn's Survivor Package, at least you'll have access to a hot shower.