Ralph McQuarrie Releases Illustrations from the Original Star Wars Film

 - Jul 7, 2011
References: ralphmcquarrie & bitrebels
These original Star Wars Story Board illustrations from Ralph McQuarrie are a rare and amazing find! McQuarrie was the artistic brains behind the original Star Wars movies, which landed George Lucas the budget to shoot them. Now, 34 of these illustrations have hit the Interweb and Sci-Fi nerds everywhere are rejoicing (myself included!)
The intricate illustrations take fans back to a time when Star Wars was still a fresh franchise whose future unprecedented success was virtually inconceivable. Now, almost 35 years later, the franchise is one of the most influential worldwide pop cultural phenomenons. These original illustrations are not just art, but a part of history.

Implications - The global cultural influence of certain films and series is undeniable. For audiences and consumers of these films, film artifacts are pieces of history to be treasured and collected.